WELCOME Kate McDade to the Ruck Crew! You may have noticed a new face behind the bar…We are super excited to have Kate on the team! Want to know more about her? She comes with many years of bartending experience, and she has been fitting in perfectly!

Here's a quick FYI about Kate!

1- Favorite beer / type- goza
2- Favorite Ruck menu item (food)- Portland shanghai
3- What do you like to do in spare time? Travel ...Cancun was most recent trip
4- Favorite beer/food pairing on the ruck menu?  Smuttynose Old brown dog & disco fries
7- Favorite subject in school- history
8- If you have a pet... no
9- What do you love most about bar tending? Meeting all sorts of different people
10- Favorite movie of all time? Clueless
11- When you're not at the ruck we can find you... my back porch
12- When you're not drinking craft beer... you enjoy...  shopping 
Make sure you say hi to Kate next time you see her behind the bar! Cheers!