• Troy, NY


Guys we have an awesome event for you! To celebrate Troy Craft Beer Week, guys from around the Troy craft beer scene got together and did the only thing necessary for Troy Craft Beer Week. THEY BREWED BEER!

Thanks to the guys at:
Brown's Brewing Company
The Ruck
Rare Form Brewery &
The Beer Diviner

We have our very own Troy Craft Beer Week Beer! Check out the Troy Craft Beer Week Facebook page as we try and figure out a name. :P

This year's beer is


a Hoppy Blonde Ale, and we couldn't be more excited to get it on tap! 

To celebrate the release of the brew, we will host a pub crawl involving all the places that will be carrying the TCBW brew. Transportation WILL be provided, and when we figure out the exact schedule, we will know more about the means of transportation.

The Official Schedule is in the works, stay tuned as we figure out all of the best routes and stops!

So please join us in this one of a kind event where we celebrate Troy Craft Beer Week by drinking its very own beer!

Stay tuned!