RIDE SHARING IS HERE. The Ruck, and our friends over at City Beer Hall, felt that it took way too long. But, nevertheless, it's here. Let's use it!

So on June 29th, let's celebrate it coming to Upstate New York with some BEER from Upstate New York! 

Shmaltz Brewing and Common Roots Brewing are teaming up with us and City Beer Hall for this event. Make sure you try a couple/few beers from them (responsibly) to ensure you can properly exploit Uber or Lyft for its full potential! ;)

If you use Uber/Lyft between both City Beer Hall and The Ruck, as well as to get yourself home safely, you'll be in line for some pretty awesome prizes!

Stay tuned for the beer list from both places!

Listen, take an Uber/Lyft between two of the best Craft Beer locations in Upstate New York, enjoy some kickass upstate New York beer, and get home safely. Win prizes. That's it. 

The Ruck and City Beer Hall are super excited that our customers can have a safe and reliable way to get home, and this shall kick off a new era in the Capital Region! Cheers!