• The Ruck (map)
  • 104 3rd Street
  • Troy, NY, 12180
  • United States


Barrier Brewing and Maginfy Brewery both have similar stories. What started as hobbies, brewing small batches, turned into full functioning breweries. 

Barrier, from Oceanside NY, and Magnify, out of Fairfield NJ are slowly becoming downstate craft beer must haves! Both are sound on high quality, creative, and enviornmentally aware craft beer! So, they naturally collabed and WE GOT EM IN HOUSE!!!!

2 Collabs from Barrier x Magnify

Don't Sneeze
100% Lupuplin Powder Double IPA

Break the Bank
Triple Dry Hopped Imperial IPA

And then some selects from each brewery!

Magnify - 

Search Saison
Oak Fermented Brett Saison

Double Dry Hopped Mouthfeelings
Malted Oats and Lactose Double IPA

Triple Dry Hopped Vine Shine
Triple Dry Hopped Version of Vine Shine IPA

... aaaand from Barrier!

American Porter

Groove Angle
(collab with Grimm)
Blend of West Coast and East Coast IPA

So please, spend your #troycraftbeerweek Tuesday at the Ruck with Barrier Brewing, Magnify Brewery, and your favorite craft beer destination... The Ruck! Cheers!