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Farmhouse ale is a style of beer that cropped up in rural areas spanning France and Belgium in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The beers were brewed on farms, using natural, untreated water, yeasts cultivated naturally from the surrounding area and other ingredients typically grown on site.

So let's celebrate the art of Farmhouse Brewing with two of the pioneers of Farmhouse Brewing. Suarez Family Brewery & Kent Falls! These guys pride themselves on their farm focused brewing and deliver amazing beer. 

Suarez mission statement - "We're a mom and pop production brewery specializing in ales of mixed fermentation, unfiltered lagers, and other crispy little beers. Brewer owned and operated."

Kent Falls - "As a farm brewery, our surroundings and experiences inform much of what we do. We aim to produce beer reflective of the land around us, the people that occupy it and the culture we wish to promote."

Stay tuned as we finalize the beer lineup, to truly acknowledge the art and craft that is Farmhouse Brewing.