• The Ruck (map)
  • 104 3rd Street
  • Troy, NY, 12180
  • United States


20 Years of The Ruck can you believe it?! Dave wanted to do something special to celebrate. We are going to be collaborating with 20 different breweries in New York and brew 20 unique beers! And this being American Craft Beer Week, what better time to come out with some never before seen beer?!

Dave and team have been and will be hands on each brew day, learning the finer details of the brewing process and recipe development. Passion and curiosity are the foundations of craft beer, as is the driving force of The Ruck!

For this phase of the beer releases, we focused on some local breweries that have made their own massive impact in the communities that they reside. 

Along with the collab beers, we're also going to be throwing on selections from each brewery as well!!!


CH Evans (Albany Pump Station) x The Ruck

Browns Brewing Co. x The Ruck
Two Golden Sour Ales blended together and aged in a Buffalo Trace Bourbon Barrel for 6 weeks. Warm fermented in a keg, for an additional 4 weeks. 
Whiskey Sour Themed Sour

Common Roots Brewing x The Ruck
Mint Julip Theme Sour

Stay tuned for the beers that we will have on tap from each location! Cheers!